Crocodile Tears

One Mom's Journey Through Education Reform

“At 6 p.m. on a Thursday night, I come home from a meeting, my phone rings, and it’s Merryl Tisch,” Ms. De Vito said. “She said, ‘I received your letter,’ and she said, ‘It made me want to cry.’”

This is quoted from this NY Times Article that describes the new regulation to allow SPED students to apply for a waiver if they have taken a Regents exam twice and failed it with a 52 to 54.  The student must have good attendance and a passing grade in the over all coursework.  It is a good first step in resolving the problems in current graduation requirements for special education students.  Keep in mind, these problems have been created by policies established by Chancellor Tisch.

This blog is a compilation of student letters that were written to Chancellor Tisch last fall.  Some did graduate, others have since dropped out of high school…

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