Nysed and Elia have not fooled us with their survey.



And another act in Nysed’s circus show, designed to shut up the parents and teachers of this state, has begun. Enter an excessively long, poorly thought out survey, designed to skew results. When people give up completing this ridiculous survey, Elia will capitalize on that, using the opportunity to falsely justify her stance that everyone is happy about common core.

Anthony Salerno shares his comments and letter,

“So I started taking the survey earlier than planned. And then I wrote this letter to the author of the Newsday article.

‘As a parent who is extremely concerned about the atrocious state of education because of Common Core, I looked forward to taking the survey you wrote about in today’s Newsdsy. I even shared the information across a few groups on Facebook that I belong to.

And then reality set in. The survey is as convoluted as Common Core is, with respondents…

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