Reading Between The Lines: Obama’s “Testing Action Plan”

Education Alchemy hit the nail on the head with USDEs plan, reblogged on @SOTHVNY.

In the next day or two, @SOTHVNY will take it a step further and show that NYS has already begun the transition to Competency Based Education. In fact, the outcome of Cuomo’s Common Core commission, in my opinion, has already been decided.

The purported “overhaul” of common core in NYS is less about being responsive to the needs of parents and educators and more about pursuing the next step in a 5 – 10 year business plan surrounding the common core initiative and its related testing.

Stay tuned.



Is Obama’s Testing Action Plan, like Fruit Loops, part of a nutritious breakfast? Don’t believe the hype.

This has been over a decade in the making. In 2000 Business Week listed the companies benefiting from the new boon in online education stating, “Dozens of new companies are springing up to serve the emerging K-12 market for digital learning. Investors have poured nearly $1 billion into these companies since the beginning of 1999, estimates Merrill Lynch.”

Obama’s “Testing Action Plan” declares a reduction in standardized testing! Is less testing a good thing? Yes, of course it is! But what are we getting in its stead? The privatizers are hoping we aren’t asking that, or hoping we won’t look. But we are looking and we are asking. These are the same folks who are driving the policies to privatize public education. What do they gain for reducing testing?…

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