John Thompson: Opt Out is Frightening the Politicians 

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John Thompson, historian and teacher, writes that parents have shaken up the education landscape:

“February has always been a time when blizzards keep blowing across the nation but, too often, it now marks the end of meaningful learning in our classrooms. Long before Spring arrives, the test prep season begins, followed by the annual testing ordeal. During the last few years, however, the grassroots Opt Out movement has risen to the occasion, and fought to restore authentic teaching and meaningful learning to public schools.

The refusal of parents and students to participate in the test, sort, reward, and punish season has knocked the corporate reform movement back on its heels. It has undermined the imposition of Common Core and value-added evaluations, which were top-down mandates enforced by High Stakes Testing. The assertion of families’ democratic rights to choose engaging and respectful instruction, and reject soul-killing teach-to-the-test, has predictably prompted some…

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One thought on “John Thompson: Opt Out is Frightening the Politicians 

  1. In my many years of teaching inside low-income schools, repeatedly I saw that it was not often the teachers or the staff, but the unhappy parents willing to stand up to administrators or district policy that finally got results. Go opt out!

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