Freedom or Donald Trump: America’s Choice in 2016

Dr. Malcolm L. Rigsby's Weblog

I can’t believe what Donald Trump is at least indirectly if not directly advocating in his Charleston, South Carolina Rally held February 19, 2016. Or yes I can! Donald Trump is advocating … Listen beginning at 33 minutes into the following video coutesy of YouTube.

As a lawyer folks, speech that advocates imminent serious bodily injury or death is not protected under the US Constitution as Free Speech. This is the same hate Mongering that Adolph Hitler gradually employed in his campaign of restoring German Nationalism. It is a dangerous pivot point for the US. We are in a time of potential demise of Democracy and beginning of either autocracy or plutocracy, I am unsure which because of the blending of forms I am seeing in Trump’s campaign. I know he wants an autocracy, but it may require a power structure that includes other power figures than just he alone…

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