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About Hudson Valley Parent-Educator Initiative and Hudson Valley Against Common Core

I am the co-founder of Hudson Valley Parent/Educator Initiative and Hudson Valley Parents Against Common Core.

HVPEI/HVACC are both non-partisan advocacy organization of parents, educators, officials and community members spanning a number of school districts in the Hudson Valley. These organizations seek to challenge flawed educational policies including, but not limited to, CCSS, APPR, HST and the P-20 data repository plan InBloom and advocates for sound basic education, developmentally appropriate and engaging educational policies and curriculum for students and teachers with an emphasis on advocating for needs of schools located outside of the “Big 5” (HV).

Although we may have political views, we are not a “political” organization, we are an advocacy group. We embrace all members who wish to advocate against flawed edu policies.

I am the principal blogger for the HVPEI/HVACC. We are a little over 1 year old and already have over 2000  members thus far and are growing exponentially!

You can  find us on Facebook and join here:

About Me

I reside in the Hudson Valley and am the  mother of 2 boys – one in college the other just started Kindergarten.

First and formost, I am a parent. Above all else. This blog was started by accident-I was one of 7 parents permitted to speak at the microphone at the October 10, 2013 Town Hall forum before Commissioner of Education Jon King.  I researched the issues for hundreds of hours and stood before King with an articulate and well versed argument against Core and flawed education policies. I was startled and alarmed when I spoke from the heart only to have King summarily dismiss my valid concerns. My alarm turned to anger and then outrage at King’s behavior in the days after the Poughkeepsie Town Hall. He cancelled events, sulked and began a tirade of personal attacks and assaults against those of us who spoke accusing us of being special interest group zealots. This blog was born as a way for me to channel the outrage that I felt and to memorialize the personal journey that I have been taking toward education reform in a small school district located in Dutchess County, NY.

I became interested in advocating for education reform at the parent level a few years ago when I discovered procedural deficiencies and irregularities, inter alia, in my district-that-shall-not-be-named and sought to resolve them.

I know better now than to just assume everything is on the up and up in education. So, I  make an effort to maintain a close relationship with the administration in my district and I work closely with the BOE and parents in my district to address and advocate for sound education policies and decision making. I am hopeful that we can work together to advocate for our children and students despite flawed education policies.

Yes, Im THAT PARENT. You know who Im talking about 🙂

My involvement locally and efforts to advocate for my child have garnered praise and has recently caught the attention of  noted advocates in the field of education reform. My blog work has been published by Diane Ravitch, Carol Burris and others. My investigative research has appeared in Washington Post, EAG News, Times Union, Lo-Hud, Capital NY and has made NBC News NYC, among others.

I now spend my spare time conducting research on education issues and writing. I maintain this blog to provide a forum to share concerns and address matters so that we can all advocate fairly, separate truth from fiction and expose  education fallacies for their truths.

When I am  not wearing my mommy warrior hat, I  love to hang out with my kids, doggy Chancho, kitty Jade and Conure Georgie Peach. Such a motley crew!

Presently, I operate “of counsel” and enjoy raising my son(s) in Poughkeepsie, New York.

I’d love to hear from you and welcome any thoughts/feedback.

Thanks for reading!

Recent Press/Media/Quoted in:

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